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Josef Kolbitsch

Born 1979 in Lienz, Austria

Living and working in Germany

Professional Experience

Currently IT Director at the University of Mannheim, Germany

Previously worked as Deputy Head of IT Services and Head of the "Business Solutions" unit at Graz University of Technology, Austria


Working in ICT management with a focus on IT strategy, information management, organisational development and the digital transformation

Interested in (digital) business models, lean startup approaches and making innovation part of an organisation's culture


PhD in Telematics (now Information and Computer Engineering)

Currently doing an Executive MBA programme at Mannheim Business School, Germany, and ESSEC Business School, Paris

Personal Stuff

I have developed a love for cooking and culinary experiments. After years of traditional cooking with a tendency towards nouvelle cuisine, I was given a copy of Harold McGee's "On Food and Cooking", a scientific analysis of the processes food undergoes when cooked. This was a starting point for me to look at molecular gastronomy. Now, I am a big fan of Modernist Cuisine, a five volume book on modernist techniques.

Not strictly a hobby, I'm interested in computer history. There are some beautiful books such as Hartmut Esslinger's book on early design of Apple computers, The Computer: An Illustrated History from Its Origins to the Present Day, and Early Home Computers by Kevin Murrell.

I am very much interested in design, particularly interior design and product design. This is what led me to collect several old Hi-Fi receivers produced by Bang & Olufsen during the 1960s.